Smart SEO & SMO Techniques for SMEs & Startups to grow traffic

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Welcome to my Blog on Organic tips on SEO and SMO to grow your website audience , leads and conversions .In this Blog series I will systematically bring out smart ways to promote traffic to your website using Organic ( Non Advertisments ) channels using SEO and SMO techniques.

The battle for Digital dominance has started with almost 3/4th of world population on internet
This is the medium which is touching almost everyone via mobile phone , tablet , laptop and desktop This phenomenon growth of internet has given birth to  startups , e commerce , streaming video , music , in fact almost no industry is left untouched .

The online business is the easiest way to start your quest for entrepreneurship without adequate capital or grow your small business to global with little capital .Having said so , this medium is available to everyone equally , large or small , digital is a great leveller

To effectively use this medium to sell your goods and services or create brand visibility , one  doesnt require tons of money but yes it requires tons of smart techniques .Remember everyone is equal , so the smartest guy gets the chunk of the cake .

So if we are talking about Organic (which is unpaid or no advertisments on internet or social  media ), what are the ways to go ahead

First and foremost is SEO (Seacrh Engine Optimisation ) followed by SMO (Social Media Optimisation ) .For sake of clarity SEM (Search Engine Marketing ) and SMM (Social Media Marketing ) stands for Paid Advertisments on Google and Social Sites

What are the common SEO techniques .For beginners its On Page ( where the coder works on Meta tags on Website) and Off Page ( Forum , Directory and Blog Postings of your Articles and url).
Once your basic SEO Audit (On Page ) is optimised for desired keywords , battle for Off Page techniques to grow rank your keywords in Google Search begins.

- Creating your website backlinks (articles with url ) in high DA (Domain Authority ) , PA (Page Authority ) sites of Google .In essence these are also major Blog sites where tons of visitors visit regularly and they see your link and click . Such links also get indexed by Google as these are high DA /PA sites

So to begin with you must know the Rank (Number ) of your site and you have to systematically improve the various rankings using the SEO & SMO Techniques. Most common Web Metrics are

1.DA  (Domain Authority ) Rank
2.PA (Page Authority ) Rank
3.Alexa Rank ( World and Country Rank of your website)
4.Number of Backlinks ( Number of sites linking back to your site)

In addition you need to see what keywords your competion is buying via SEM (Paid Ads) so that you can organically do SEO techniques on these keywords . So we need now
5.Keyword Research
6.Google Penalty Checker in addition to the above (Check is Google is penalising your SEO techniques by bringing down your Rank )

Simultaneously do check up your SEO Audit Report of your website.There are many free tools to provide you such reports

There are various sites where you can check these Ranks and you start your journey of going up in Google Search by improving the above mentioned numbers

In the next blog we will tocuh smart techniques of improving each of the above ranks

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