Smart Online Press Release for Startups /SME

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It is a well known fact that increase in website traffic leads to leads and conversions. Startups and SMEs are always faced with a catch22 situation on how much and where to spend their limited marketing budgets. One of the easiest ways used by them is SEM (PPC) or simply Google Ad Words marketing or SMO (Ads spends on Social Media) or a combination of both

This is like antibiotics for pain. You might get few leads (remember most are paid on clicks only) followed by Inbound Sales for follow up on leads with ultimate goal of conversion. Startups /SMEs in B2B Space will appreciate that Inbound Sales and Field Sales are a must followed by Digital Marketing leads for conversions 

What happens when the first contact is made with your prospect by your sales (Inbound or Field Sales), they immediately check on "Google" about your company. The Digital Lead is now forgotten and your credentials are checked for further progress leading to conclusion of business deal. 

Imagine their fear /apprehensions when they don’t see your credentials on Google .Imagine your embarrassment when just typing your company name also doesn’t come in Google top ranking or sometimes in top page also 

Digital Brand Visibility is the key for Startups and SMEs to sustain in the B2B segment. Startups need this to get the Investor attention or impress them with your online presence. SMEs need this for gaining customer confidence while prospecting /closing the deal

SEO remains the key for this twin objective. However the traditional way of SEO is getting irrelevant today and smarter lower cost and effective techniques are available

One such smart technique is Press Release in multiple News sites, especially the ones ranking higher on DA/PA count, thereby getting faster indexing by Google Search

Press Releases in hundreds of sites achieves the following

1. All sites, lower of higher ranked gets indexed by Google over a period of time and start appearing on 1st Page of Search, depending on Keywords 
2. Inbound /Field Sales can send these links to prospects to gain credibility 
3. Startups can send these links to Investors to gain credibility
4. Such links can be hyperlinked on “Press Release " button on your web site
5. If you are smart, some keywords can be indexed on No 1 rank in Google News instantly
6. Press Release serves the same purpose as “Back links” in SEO 
7. These links remain permanently 
8. Credibility checks are an ongoing process while SEM/PPC Campaigns also

Contrary to popular belief , International Press Release on News Sites are relatively much cheaper than doing it on top local branded new sites .Typically cost of doing a release in couple of local top branded e News Portals is much more expensive than doing it on 100s of International News Sites

In my next blog, will continue on this......

All the best for your online search results......

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